“Education: the path from cocky ignorance to miserable uncertainty.”


Mark Twain may have been a terrible businessman and sent himself to bankruptcy, but when it came to the art of learning the man knew what he was talking about. Today his quotes are now more relevant than ever.

I started my degree as a means of developing my writing. I was so determined that I went and got a job at Burger King to pay for my course (a job that I hope to never relive). I wanted a BA in creative writing, to be precise, but by the time I began the first module at the Open University I realised they did not do a full 360 credits of it. Instead, I was stuck finishing what I started with modules I couldn’t care less about. I think the only module aside from creative writing that was interesting was children’s literature. It was fun learning about the origins of kid’s stories and fairytales. What was not fun was the essay writing. Endless amount of fucking essay writing. There is a reason why I’m prone to being creative. I like exploring fiction and being imaginative. Essays, on the other hand, are the bane of my existence. They make me feel like I’m droning on and on about utter balderdash. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy reading a good meta writing (i.e. fandom essays), just don’t make me write them!

But that is over. My educational journey comes to an end. I paid for every module with gruelling work of customer service and book shelving. It has been long, stressful, daunting, and I’d never do it again. But it was worth it to finally see myself in those robes and hat and the physical evidence of my hard work in my hands. The question remains, now what?


Thank you, Spongebob, for that accurate depiction of what most students look like after University. But for me, I’m more or less lucky – more because I actually have an idea of what field I want to work in (TV Production), and less because it’s a bitch to break into. I can also count on the fact that at least I have a job in my back pocket. While it’s admirable to chase after your dreams, it’s just plain stupid not to have a decent source of income to fall back on. So until I find someone who is patient and merciful enough to hire this blundering optimist, I still have my job at the library.

For now, I continue to learn. I continue to learn about the world on my own as I start the next chapter of my life. The truth is you may stop schooling, but you don’t stop learning. We are always searching for answers in life, and I’m no exception.


Also, the coolest part of my ceremony was John fucking Cleese graduating with us. I will forever be annoyed with myself for being so nervous on stage I had forgotten to greet him and take a selfie. But the ceremony is actually uploaded on YouTube. I’ll link you once they have it up, and when you get to the girl that gives a “rock on” sign to her family, that will be me. (Post-edit: Here’s the link to me graduating, I made sure to copy the video at the right time!)

Till next time,

Sahar is in progress.

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