It’s All Blakademik

IABIt’s been a century since I updated my blog. I have worked two jobs and an internship. I joined a gym. Spider-Man disintegrated in Iron Man’s arm (but let’s not *sniff* get into that).

What I am going to get into is how I started working behind the camera, finally.

It all started like any other soul-crushing process of job searching. I lost track of the amount of times I have sent out emails only to hear nothing back, and hearing back only to be rejected due to my lack of “experience”. (I’m sorry, we can’t all leave University with 30 years of experience for an entry-level position – what’s that? The job went to the producer’s cousin who is 16 and doesn’t even know how to boil water?).

During the search my eyes gleaned over a part-time position as a social media assistant to a football podcast. I know what you’re thinking – Sahar, since when do you know anything about football?

Answer is, I don’t. Truth be told, the ad only said that I’d be the assistant to a Channel 4 presenter. I worked for a few months editing videos and graphics for the podcast and overseeing the account across online platforms. Unsurprisingly, never understanding the football references, I was replaced. However, what I didn’t expect was to make such an impression that I’d be kept on and moved to another project that doesn’t have much to do with football. I’m so glad that I work hard and expect nothing to come out of it. Ah, pessimism; you’re either right or pleasantly surprised.

Which brings us to yesterday. I worked behind the scenes shooting the first episode of It’s All Blakademik, a panel show that discusses topics revolving around black people and other ethnic minorities. So, like Backchat but without the stench of verbal trash (my friend’s words, not mine!).

I hung in the back taking pictures for social media, counting (that person that stands behind the camera to let the host know how much time he has to wrap up) and generally helping out in any way that I could while observing first-hand how everything works in production. It didn’t hit me until the next day to realise just how much I enjoyed it without the harsh presence of anxiety and nervousness pressing down my stomach. The best part is I impressed my boss with my pictures, which means I’m here to stick around!


I don’t know what will come out of this, or how successful this show will be. But I had a blast on my first production experience shooting in one of those fancy exclusive club member buildings.

I hope the show will do great and that this would open up doors for my future.

(I’ve been burned before though so not holding my breath.)

(Just saying.)

Till next time,

Sahar is in progress.

P.S. I just want to take a moment here to give a huge thanks to Jordan for giving me the chance to prove myself. You don’t get a lot of that in this industry unless you’re born into it.

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